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5on Google,Sep 15, 2020

Genesis Gomez

Life changing experience!!!! Forever grateful. I was a little traumatized with a previous dentist experience that lowered my self esteem and made me fear going to a dentist office. Ironically, I, myself, am a mental health therapist who had to work through her traumatic experience to gain the courage to go back to a dentist office. I came across Temple City Dental Care through a recommendation from my sister (BEST recommendation/ decision of my life)! Everyone at Temple City Dental Care has been amazing and welcoming. Dr. Lee, Lupe (Dental Assistant), Kolleen (Dental Assistant), Denise (Scheduling coordinator), and everyone welcomed me with so much love and patience. I really appreciate how comfortable they made me feel. I appreciate how knowledgeable Dr. Lee is and how well he explains procedures and carries them out. I appreciate how they always check-in during a procedure and the following day. I’m forever grateful to Dr. Lee for transforming my smile. It has truly boosted my confidence. I definitely recommend that you visit Temple City Dental Care if you’re nervous about going to see a dentist. They will treat you with empathy and kindness, you won’t regret it.

5on Google,Sep 10, 2020


Despite the Covid-19 stressful time to have a dental appointment, a spercial thanks to the Temple City Dental Care staff, my dental hygenist and Dr. Von Bulow for the well coordinated virus prevention measures maintained for the patients' well-being,. It helped to relax my anxiety, and made my visit most pleasant. Thank you, for your exceptional patient care. Be safe. I'll see you again next year.

5on Google,Aug 28, 2020


finally got around to looking for a dentist. Dr. Lee went above and beyond with his service and is by far the most meticulous with his work that I’ve experienced. Even in the current environment I felt safe and welcome. Shoutout to his assistant Lupe for always knowing when to come to the rescue with the suction!

5on Google,Aug 25, 2020


I have been terrified and anxious about dental visits all my life, but I had to get a lot of dental work done. I was absolutely amazed at Dr. Lee--he was the nicest and most careful dentist I've ever been to. He eased my anxieties of going to the dentist and I actually dozed off multiple times during my procedure (and it was a pretty intense one too--with multiple fillings and shots)! Dr. Lee was great at explaining everything very clearly, which made me feel at ease. He was very thorough in his work, and even though I had to get multiple shots for my procedures, I barely felt them. Never did I ever think that a dentist visit could be not only anxiety-free but even a little relaxing. I highly recommend Dr. Lee to anyone looking for an extremely skilled, honest, and kind dentist! Thanks, Dr. Lee--i'll be back!

5on BirdEye,Aug 25, 2020


Great as always. Recommend to everyone I know.

5on Google,Aug 17, 2020


All of the staff I encountered was very kind and welcoming. During my visit, Dr. Samuel Lee did my exam and cleaning along with his assistant Lupe. Lupe was the first person I interacted with; she did my x-rays, and she was very nice and had a joyful personality. I appreciated that she engaged with me and got to know me as opposed to simply taking my x-rays. Dr. Lee also regularly kept me in the loop during the exam and cleaning, and he always made sure that I understood everything he was explaining. During the cleaning he regularly checked on me to make sure I was doing ok. My teeth feel very clean, and I could tell that Dr. Lee put a lot of meticulous care into cleaning my teeth. I appreciate that he genuinely cares and has my best interests in mind.

5on Google,Aug 17, 2020


Dr. Lee is the BEST dentist in town. He makes every appointment painless and comfortable. Not only is he full of compassion, Dr. Lee is also very knowledgeable. He takes his time explaining everything and answers all my questions without making myself feel dumb. One time, he explained to me the pros and cons of fixing my cavity with a filling versus a crown using diagrams and drawings. Dr. Lee also takes every precautions to make patients feel safe from COVID-19 during appointments. They took my temperature, asked me screening questions, and Dr. Lee and his assistant wore all the protective equipment (masks, face shield, gloves, etc). I recommend Dr. Lee to all my friends and family. Thank you, Dr. Lee for keeping my teeth nice and healthy!!

5on Google,Aug 11, 2020


I love this office. I have been a patient for over 30 years. The office staff is always helpful and friendly. The Doctors and hygienists are the best. I highly recommend Temple City Dental Care.

5on BirdEye,Aug 08, 2020


It was my first visit to Dr. Sam Lee's dental office. From the time I entered the office till the time I left, everyone I met was very friendly and helpful.

5on BirdEye,Aug 06, 2020


Everyone is always so nice and welcoming. I always know I’m in good hands the minute I walk through the door.

5on Google,Aug 06, 2020


Temple City Dental is the best. It starts at the top with the leadership of Dr Jack von Bulow. Everyone is personable and very respectful of your needs and comfort. Superior work and I can always say that I leave with a smile.

5on Google,Aug 05, 2020


Dr. Lee is the best dentist ever! He made me feel at ease, and he is extremely gentle and meticulous with what he does. He very clearly cares about his patients, and it's really clear from how he communicates, the way he explains treatment plans and goes over options, and just the way he operates overall. He made me feel really comfortable and consistently made me feel trust throughout the entire process. He puts a lot of detail in his work (e.g., fillings, etc.), and as a result, I got the best quality dental care I've ever gotten. His assistant Lupe was also fantastic--very professional, friendly, and also very comforting. Even though I was their last patient of the day for them, they never seemed worn out or tired. Everyone go see Dr. Lee! Thanks Dr. Lee!!!

5on Google,Aug 05, 2020


The staff are really kind and careful/implemented everything necessary for covid precautions. Dr Lee explained and answered my questions in necessary detail for my dental care. They were thorough with my cleaning and necessary treatments. Highly recommended!

5on BirdEye,Aug 03, 2020


Treated me like we were family.

5on Google,Jul 30, 2020


Dr. Von Bulow, Dr. Lee and all staff are the most friendly, caring, and professional team I have ever had the privilege of knowing. The environment is one of enthusiasm, energy and humor, making the dental experience a positive one! Everything is personalized making you feel like part of the family. The professional care you receive is amazing! The dental equipment is state-of-the-art and staff have been well-trained in its use. If you are looking for a dental care, I highly recommend Temple City Dental Care. My wife and I have been going for over 20 years, never having a negative experience. They strive to give you the best care possible while making it an enjoyable experience.